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Let's take responsibility

for a better world.

With Austria's first planned impact bank.

Money has no intention?
We say: It certainly does!
Because money always has a repercussion.
Yours too. Right now.

But do you exactly know where and how?

Today, we stand at the crossroads for the future of our planet.

Where our money flows, that's where our world is heading.

The good news is:
Each of us determines where our money flows to.

Business as usual?

Let's make money


Let's make money & do good

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Change now!
Everyone can pull the lever

Why change is needed now?


Let's make the costs transparent!

In addition to the potential and risk of an investment, ALIA also examines a third dimension - and does so consequently:

their effect = their impact

on the environment, society and our planet.

This check results in a price -
and this is taken into account in the interest rate.
In simple terms:

The higher the positive impact, the lower the interest rate on the loan.

So from day one, ALIA will be there,
where other banks want to be in 2050.

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"You never change things fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model
that makes the existing model obsolete"

Richard Buckminster Fuller

Why ALIA is needed

Because money changes the world.

ALIA will give real economic meaning to financial flows and will only fund projects that have a measurable and verifiable positive impact on society, the environment and posterity.

We will not be a non-profit organization - but put impact before profit. And profits will incur!

We will measure impact, make it transparent
and give it a price.

We will already check the source of funds for ethical criteria-> clean money for clean returns.

We will evaluate the investment (!) and not just the company, because it is their positive impact investments that can do great things.

We promote a "good-money circular economy."

We want to be the speedboat in the financial system, a startup with no preload.

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Together we can change the world!

ALIA on Tour

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Visit us at one of our performances.