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The ZEB Corporate Client Study 10.0, published in November 2023 and highly regarded in banking circles, is dedicated to three key areas of action for banks - including the topic of sustainability.

On the one hand, the study highlights the enormous need for investment in order to achieve the climate targets; on the other hand, it also sheds light on the earnings potential in the corporate client business, which is estimated at € 2.6 billion per year in Germany for the SME business alone.

In addition, the study makes ten recommendations for banks to anchor the topic of sustainability along the entire value chain - from advisory services to product offerings and risk management.

All ten suggestions are already reflected in ALIA's business model and the study once again confirms the correctness and opportunities of a pure impact bank like ALIA.

by WWF & PwC

WWF & PwC conducted a study on sustainability in the business model of Austrian banks at the end of 2022.

The 14 largest Austrian universal banks (according to total assets as of fiscal year 2020) and their handling of climate-related and biodiversity-relevant challenges were evaluated.

For the study, key areas were assessed in three main categories: corporate governance, savings and investments, and loans and financing.

The "Vision 2025" describes in an overarching manner, from WWF's perspective, which structures a bank must create, which processes it must establish, and which measures it must have implemented by 2025 at the latest in order to actively support and enable the sustainable transformation of society and the economy into a climate-friendly, nature- and resource-conserving future.

We therefore say:
The ALIA business model is needed

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Deep rifts are opening up between those who want to save the world quickly and those who see no urgency for change. For the climate goals to be achieved nonetheless, we need big visions, the right information, bridge builders, and a new narrative for the future. 


Charly Kleissner joins other experts in providing insight into solutions for bridging the gap.