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ALIA Business Model

alia lettering is designed as a specialized bank in the B2B business (no private customers).

alia lettering will operate in Austria and DACH-region with sales offices in Vienna, Salzburg, Graz and Innsbruck and selectively in the DACH region.

alia lettering will be the first Austrian impact bank to invest in projects with measurable impact using impact-compliant liquidity.
alia lettering will pursue a holistic approach to impact and finds a price for impact.
alia lettering will start with 35 highly competent employees.
alia lettering will have a lean operating model with a focus on impact specialization - measurement, subsidies, know-how.
alia lettering will focuses on a lean product portfolio with fixed-term deposits and project financing.

alia lettering will focus on the following funding and impact priorities:


The founding and initiating team of ALIA is united by the will to make our world a great deal better. With over 200 years of experience and their own capital, the phases of conception and concession application preparation are developed and financed with a great deal of know-how and commitment.

Dr. Johannes Ortner

ALIA Initiator and Project Manager, Board of Directors ALIA AG.

He has 27 years of experience in corporate banking and management of financial institutions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, most recently as CEO of Raiffeisen Landesbank Tirol AG. He left the classical banking system to initiate changes in the financial sector as an entrepreneur and started together with a professional team the project ALIA, Austria's first impact bank (in foundation). According to the motto "Let's give money a new direction", clean funds should be invested in clean projects with a positive effect (impact) on the environment, society and economy. He believes that the financial sector must play a key role in the transformation to a sustainable economy - without greenwashing and greencashing. He is the owner of the consulting firm J.O. Advisory, which advises companies on financial, sustainability and strategic issues.

dr di charly kleissnaer

Dr. DI Charly Kleissner

ALIA consultant on impact issues, Chairman of the Supervisory Board ALIA AG, 20 years international impact investor and Silicon Valley Executive, former Chairman of the Supervisory Board ImpactAssets, Co-Founder Toniic & KL Felicitas Foundation and full member of the Club of Rome.

mag dipl oek roland kropf

Mag. Dipl.-Ök. Roland Kropf

Consulting ALIA operating model with processes, IT and organization, Managing Director in a consulting firm for financial institutions, previously many years of line work as manager In Unicredit Group and Erste Group.

dr walter zandanel

Dr. Walter Zandanell

ALIA Consulting on market and bank-specific issues, court expert for banking and credit, around 30 years of banking experience, most recently General Manager of Volksbank Salzburg.

dr raimund cancola

Dr. Raimund Cancola

ALIA Consultant on legal issues and head of the concession application process in the Global Board of Taylor Wessing, Managing Partner Taylor Wessing CEE, Austrian lawyer with international accreditation. Admitted to practice in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Lecturer at the Institute for Corporate and Tax Law of the University of Innsbruck.

univ prof thomas lindner phd

Univ.-Prof. Thomas Lindner PhD

Development of the ALIA impact assessment system (impact scoring), research activity, professorship for international management at the University of Innsbruck.

vera kunczer phd

Vera Kunczer PhD

ALIA Scientific and Impact Consulting, Assistant Professor at the Institute for International Business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

dipl business economist michael clotten

Dipl.-Betriebswirt Michael Clotten

ALIA consulting on operational and governance issues, 25 years of bank management with regional banks and major international and private banks.

Peter Sapl sw ALIA

Mag. Peter Sapl

ALIA consulting on ICS and risk management, 40 years of banking experience in regional banks, former managing director of Raiffeisenverband Tirol, auditor & tax consultant


tobias schwaiger

Tobias Schwaiger MSc

ALIA Project responsibility for organization and research, over 10 years of banking experience in market and back office activities, consultant for business model transformation and digitalization in finance and insurance.

ALIA Manifesto

When we think about banks, we think it is all about making money with money, to make more money.

That's a lot of money, and it's increasing all the time. Where the money comes from is a question most of us do not dare to ask, but not a cent of it is real.

The reality is: this game only benefits a few, because most don't get the game.

So do we need new rules for it? No! We need a new, a better game. It's called change banking and it works like this: Clean money is invested in clean projects. Each of which contributes to improving our world or our society. Preferably both.

This is how we gain and measure success. And by the fact that these projects generate clean profit, which is reinvested in more clean projects that benefit everyone.

That is the way we give money a new direction - to where the Sustainable Development Goals apply their leverage.

We do this rigorously. We do it with rigorous transparency. We do it with rigorous integrity. Or we will not do it at all.

This is also a clear rejection of greenwashing, greencashing and anyone who is satisfied with half measures.

Yes, we go all the way. Yes, we take it personally.

Yes, we take responsibility.

Some call it ESG, some call it CSR, others talk about impact. And we call it doing business decently, starting with ourselves.

By the way: If you ask us whether "eco" stands for ecology, or for economy, then we say again: Yes! Because if neither wins, everyone loses.

All of us.

So change banking knows no champions and no losers, only winners. Let's win together - a different way - and give money a new direction.

ALIA. The Bank for Change

[aliá (Adv.) Latin: in a different way]