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Change is necessary.

It is getting tight on this planet. 10 billion people will soon be looking for their place on earth. We already see, read and feel the effects every day.  

Humans are the only living beings that manage to destroy their own basis of existence. The exploitation of the planet at the expense of future generations is alarming. However, the costs of this resource consumption are not reflected in the balance sheets.

Crises such as Corona or the Ukraine conflict show how quickly structures can change in a globally networked world (supply chains, dependencies).

Financial flows have a significant influence, but so far they have mostly served only to increase capital. Their impact on the real economy and society is not taken into account.

Change is possible.

The willingness of people and companies to invest money in projects with impact, i.e. with a sustainable effect on CSR, environmental and climate protection, health, nutrition, animal welfare and ethics, is constantly and rapidly increasing.

In this context, financial institutions are transformers that finance projects with the capital entrusted to them.

If these liquidity flows are directed in the right direction, they can bring about significant changes.

Change is now!

We don't have Planet B. But soon we will have an alternative business model: ALIA. We will give financial flows a real economic meaning and finance projects that have a measurable and demonstrable positive impact on society, the environment and posterity.

The idea of serving a higher purpose, namely the positive change of resource consumption, society and thus the real economy, is the central element for the ALIA business model: doing business decently.

A speedboat is needed between the sluggish tankers in the financial system. Swift, consistent action without a history or bias will bring about the necessary change.


A classic win-win situation for everyone.